Here is a great short documentary about a famous tailor in the US: Martin Greenfield, who has done suits for many important peolpe, for example Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson. It is good to see the energy Mister Greenfield takes, has taken in his enterprise in Brooklyn NY for the last 60 years. Now, at age 81, he’s cutting cloth for all the coolest young labels in New York.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Young designers bring passion, and that’s why I’m still working at 81.

“Whatever the current fashion, two things must always be right with a suit, and they both involve the jacket. The shoulder must be even—not too wide or too narrow—and the suit must closely hug the shirt collar. Compared with that, the rest is crap!”

How to identify a handmade suit
“A suit jacket has three layers of fabric: inside, outside, and an interior canvas layer. In a handmade suit, the interior layer floats freely between the inside and outside, and that’s what gives the jacket life. On an okay suit, the chest floats, but the bottom is fused by machine. On a cheap suit, the middle layer is entirely fused to the front layer. So feel both above and below the buttons for that free-floating middle layer.”…. AHA!

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