Pictures on Pictures” is an amazing exposition in the Museum Moderner Kunst Wien about Minimalism and discursive paintings from Albers to Zoebling, which I was able to see durind a short stay in the austrian capital.

The works in the exhibition reflect the Daimler Collection’s main focus on the abstract avant-gardes and reductive, conceptual movements from Bauhaus to contemporary art today. The exhibition includes about 75 artists from around twenty countries, spanning a period of about one century.

It is divided in various topics, each of which refers to the historical and current positions starting from Bauhaus, De Stijl, Hard Edge and New Color School USA, constructive and concrete art, European Zero avant-garde, Minimal art and aspects of design, to Neo Geo as well as current positions.

It will be in Vienna from the 26.March till 27.June .2010. If you have the possibility to see this wonderful city with their gentle inhabitants than take your time and go to the Museums Quartier and visit this exposition.

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