Prima Ballerina

Polina Semionova, born in Moscow in 1984, is a classical ballet dancer and Principal with the Berlin State Opera . She is regarded as a Prima Ballerina and is one of the youngest dancers to achieve this particular kind of recognition.Graduating in 2002, Semionova joined the Ballet Staatsoper Berlin as a principal upon the invitation of Vladimir Malakhov, becoming the youngest principal in the company’s history at the age of 18. She toured Japan as Malakhov’s partner, the reason he had invited her to be a principal in the company.

In one of the next Vogue Issues, she will be photographed in an editorial from the famous photographer Peter Lindbergh. But you will be able to see here before. This week there are still to dances called “With/out Tutu” at the Berlin State Opera today and on Thursday.

Appearing in Herbert Grönemeyer”s music video “Demo (Letzter Tag)” brought her into the public eye both in the dance community and to the general public. See here dancing in the following video.

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