John Maeda (born 1966) is a Japanese-American graphic designer, computer scientist, university professor, and author, nowadays he is the President of the Rhode Island School of Design.  I heard from him in one of my new courses “Digital Pionieers” in my school and find his stuff really intresting.

Maeda was originally a software engineering student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) when he became fascinated with the work  of Visual Language. In 2006, Maeda published Laws of Simplicity, his best-selling book to date, based on a research project to find ways for people to simplify their life in the face of growing complexity.

He’s always been committed to blurring the lines between the two disciplines, technology and design

He jokes about himself as “the guy who makes the flying letters.” But behind this joke is a deep insight into the way good programming can create new forms of good design — the guiding principle of Web 2.0, where type and images can behave in brand-new ways to communicate and amuse. found at TED Page

The Laws of Simplicity

The Laws of Simplicity

Madea Studio

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