Today is Saturday and it is horrible cold and wet for a May day (6°C) in Berlin. The topic today is about two huge art collections in Berlin, apart from all public museums and galleries, which you can only visit on a Saturday in small groups with a guide, because the owners live also in the house and opens their art to visitors on this day!

My favourite collection is the  Hoffmann Collection in Mitte. The private collection is showed on two of four huge floors in an old  factory building, which the owners have renovated in the early 90th with the aim to live and work with their art. The Hoffmann Collection includes contemporary art from around the world, in all sorts of media.

Every year Erica is changing the concept of the expositions and once you have been there, you will see that it is not about changing 10 pictures, it is more about changing about 150 art pieces! She tries to assemble new works with older ones, analyses their context and gives new importance. I once was visiting the collection and Erika Hoffmann was also walking around her rooms and loved to talk to the visitors about the art works and wanted to know the opinions or impressions some of the works are having on them. Here a short list about the impressive range of artists:

Günther Uecker, Heinz Mack, Otto Piene, Frank Stella, Bruce Nauman, Mike Kelley, Fred Sandback,Hiroshi Sugimoto, Fang Lijun, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bill Beckley, Marcel Broodthaers, Felix Droese, Günher Förg, Isa Genzken, Nan Goldin, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, François Morellet, Arnulf Rainer, Gerhard Richter, and Andy Warhol, among others.

The second private collection is the Boros Bunker.  An air-raid bunker from the Second World War, which Christian Boros transformed into an art shelter and pedestal for a penthouse. He has been collecting contemporary art since 1990. You can visit the Boros Collection every Saturday and Sunday, but you need to have a reservation which you really should do in advance, because the list is booked out for a long time!

Over the last 10 years time, he has put together a private collection with around 500 works by artist as  Damien Hirst, Olafur Eliasson, Elizabeth Peyton, Wolfgang Tillmans, Anselm Reyle, Manfred Pernice, Tobias Rehberger, John Bock, Wihlem Sasnai, Santiago Sierra and is showing some of them in his 3000qm² impressiv bunker.

So that’s the stuff you can do on a rainy, cold day in Berlin!

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  1. was there last saturday! That was great! I loved the place… and fell in love with the guide, Steven. Sometimes I was just like bathing in his voice, in his voice’s sound, without paying attention to its content (even if it was very interesting indeed).


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