Born in Santa Fe de Bogota on 29/03/1971, colombia, with French parents, Haider Ackermann grew up living in various cities throughout Europe and Africa. Due to his father’s work as a cartographer, the family moved several times during his childhood, living in places such as Ethiopia, Chad, France,and Algeria before finally settling in the Netherlands.

After high school, Haider moved first to Amsterdam and than to Antwerp in order to study fashion design at the worldwide known Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Leaving the academy after only three years, Haider worked for various fashion labels, both commercial and not, saving money and continuing to draw and imagine the possibility of his own collection. After finally showing his personal drawings to designer Raf Simons in 2001, the latter enthusiastically pushed Haider to meet his press agent Kuki de Salvertes who agreed to work with Haider on his first show.

Haider Ackermann‘s work is about contrast. The mix between high and low culture, elegance and street life. he is intrigued by cultural differences and cultural force. The purity and simple aesthetic of forms mixed with the activity and vitality of life itself.


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