A new article about one thing I really find very interesting: to combine Music and motion Graphic and animation. hope you like it as well!

Abstract birds are Pedro Mari and Natan Sinigaglia, two visual music artists.Their work combines images with sounds through the use of musical instruments interfaced with generative systems dedicated to audiovisual creation in real time. The musical aesthetic is rooted both in the tradition of classical music and in the well-established tradition of jazz, drawing in particular from the latter the improvisatory nature of execution, which is crucial in the work of Abstract Birds. The visual aesthetic is abstract, with a conscious use of shapes and colors, although the dynamics of the audiovisual world take inspiration from the natural world.

“Celeste Motus” is an audiovisual suite in three movements. Both the music and the visuals are generated in realtime using the input of two electric instruments (a wind instrument and a piano).The original setup is meant to be a three screens span mode resulting in a panoramic 4:1 view. The theme of the suite is the growth of consciousness, a growth that develops during the three movements.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more to see:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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