If I were a women, I would wear them, but as I am a man I only can love them visual! I am fascinated by high heels and about the vast variety  of women shoes and then I see what you can buy as a man and most of time, especially in Germany it is a catastropheand million kilometers away from elegance, style and innovation.

My first article about an amazing brand where Rem D Koohaas – one of the leading architects in the world from the Netherlands  and Galahad Clark – a shoemaker in seventh generation from England joined together and created United Nude. Their products about clear concepts, elegance and innovation.

“Rem’s attempt to get the girl back was made by downsizing architecture to its smallest and most vulnerable scale, that of a woman’s foot.”

I love the combination of a tradition shoemaker and an great architect and their shared design sense.

It is really rare, that I say I like most of all products of a brand , but this time it is one of these rarity. BUT I really hope there are going to produce also some man shoes, if not  I am going to  really worry why clarity, elegance AND innovation is not reaching men!

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  1. […] Archie Girl, this might interest you I was reading some blogs today and I came across this article “Architecture for Women”  It talks about this company, United Nude that uses architectural techniques to design shoes. […]


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