Red makes high

Rupprecht Geiger (26 January 1908 — 6 December 2009) was an abstract painter and sculptor from Munich, Germany. He is perhaps best known for his color field paintings and for his passion for the color red.

Geiger: “Red is life, energy, potency, force, love, heat, power. With its ability  to stimulate it has a powerful function”

Geiger is an outstanding ambassador for the Non-Objective Painting Germany. His lifework was “colour” in his consequence of reduction and clarity. He considered color as an autonomic quality , disengaged from any form, and showed  only by the effect of its mental power. In the 1950s, he particularly studied the color red. Geiger’s paintings are characterized by simple geometric forms (rectangles, ovals, circles), bright colors, and intense contrasts. He was one of the first artist who used fluorescent colour as a part of their work.

I am addicted to his work and have seen two exhibitions while he was still alive. I feel also colour different from lots of people and his exhibitions always took me far away from any concerns, they lift me up! I love his work!

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