for someone as me, who loves to ride his bike around Berlin I also want to do an article about bikes, also this topic is so super trendy right now. Especially the trend for fixed gear bikes, which I totally do not understand because it is way to unsafe and in my eyes uncool to drive the bikes without brakes and risk your life and the life of others on the street.

Fixed gear user often say their bikes look so minimal and clean without the breaks and I want to say they look still good with breaks and some safety gadgets on. Here  I have some companies, which are producing nice bikes, where the customer can choose and  build it after their tastes. I-of course- love the couleur variety these bikes are bringing on the most of time grey and black asphalt of the street.

Some fashion houses are launching their own bike series as a new accessory for the fashion-lifestyle-urban crowd!!

At Republic Bike you can build your bike ( picture above and below)

But the coolest site is Bike by Me. where you can choose lots of different couleurs for the frames, the wheels, the tires, the seat, etc

one more site is Mission Bicycle or Big Shot Bikes ( picture below).


but the coolest site I found is –

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  1. “but the coolest site I found is”…????? :)))


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