Soie pirate. textile Archive Abraham Zürich” is an exhibition at the Landesmuseum Zürich from the 22.10.2010 till 13.02.2011. It’s main regard is the  textile archive company Abraham AG, which was given as a gift to the Swiss Nationalmuseum in Summer 2007. The immense Richness of the archive – in quality and quantity – enables the viewer to see different aspects of the textile and fashion world in the 2nd part of the 20th Century.

There must be thousand of pattern books, lots of fashion photographer, hundreds of template books.The archive  contains 700 different fabrics (approximately 2800m), 227 Lyoner pattern books, 1280 Collection reference books and 2600 Fashion Images.

They shall surround the audience fully and show them the fascinating universe of this highly craftsmanship , their artistic innovation and the Glamour.

This Winter Zürich is on my list to go to!

Soie pirate.
Textilarchiv Abraham Zürich.

22.10.2010 – 13.02.2011

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