Happy Birthday

one year ago I started to blog and I am amazed by myself, that I have done it quite regularly.

+amazed by what I have seen, what I have found, how I get to know the internet, what possibilities the www give to each of you, who tries to understand this important medium

+ I have written a lot of articles and done lots of short posts ( 278)

+ I am happy about the amount of hits my site had over the last year

+ I am still interested in so many new field, which I thing know them better and deeper.

+Is there something I want to change?  Well, I want to blog more random stuff which I am  doing during my days in front of my wonderful computer and produce more posts of work from people I adore or I know and adore.

+  it is my virtual PLAYGROUND and it is fun to play there

+ some really interesting and nice people contacted me via facebook or mail!

+ I want to thanks lots of my friends, especially S., who are sending me often links to stuff that I might like… they know me well!!

+Thank you and thanks to my discipline, even I do not know where this whole couleurblind-thing is leading to!

+Happy Birthday!!!

+see this image above next year again with a new number!!!


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