This work of Ted Sabarese, an american photographer, who shoots funny series from which I prefer the “fashion” shoots called Hunger Pains and Officewear and also the series called Evolution where he wants to show similarities about humans and fish.Ted’s work most often demonstrates a clean, graphic, character-driven narrative

Hunger Pains Each model’s clothing in the series was made entirely of real food and depicts a meal that the person was craving. This project was shot in January of 2009 (pre Lady Gaga).

Officewear Office workers. In an office. Wearing clothing made entirely of office supplies.

Evolution With all the recent, fiery controversy between evolution, creationism, intelligent design, science, religion, the political left, right, etc., I thought it might be provocative to throw my visual two-cents into the ring. The images beg the question, is it really so difficult to believe we came out from the sea millions and millions of years ago?

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