“Les Étrangers”, a photo series of strangers and their temporary homes, was taken in Paris by young Czech photographer Barbora Pivoňková during 2009.

Barbora explains: “The series gathers people from all around world who happened to live in Paris, often for a brief period of time. I was fascinated with the topic of one city where people come to stay knowing they would be leaving it at some point. I approached many stories and cultures while working on this, but they all have one thing in common: every single person I photographed changed his little living space into a specific world, simulating home.”

Barbora I love you, and I hope you know it! And we had a great time in paris… hope everyone of us is doing well! Lots of love from Berlin!

on the pictures are my friends:  Jimena Mendoza _Mexico  conceptual artist , Darrell Trent Watson _California  cartoon-film maker , Izabel Barbosa _Brazil  graphic designer , Julian Trojgard Bowers _California  illustrator ,  Rachel Annette Blodgett _California  textile designer , Will Chun Kin Tai _China  sculptor , Janelle Miau _California  experimental cartoon-film maker , Ozanhan Kayaoglu _Turkey  textile designer ,  Kayo Eifuku _Japan  book illustrator ,  Ula Janowska + Filip Tofil _Poland  graphic designers , Veera Lipasti _Finland  photographer , Patrik Borecky _Czech Republic  photographer ,  Jimena Mendoza _Mexico  conceptual artist;

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