Grobgrafik is a Berlin artist and design team, consisting of Aisha Ronniger,Roland Piltz and Various & Gould, who are doing inspiring cool and couleurful paper street-art collages.

They are working together since 2005. Common interests like the love for paper, the enthusiasm for accidental beauty in everyday life, featuring collaborations with artists and friends, especially the work in the urban area form the basis for their joint work.Preferred techniques are screen printing and collage.

The designers have made ​​each of  their diploma in December 2010 at the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee in the department of visual communication and have been working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

I love the  poster series entitled “Modern Saints” consists of 10 saints whoresembles a group of the once very popular, populist Fourteen Holy Helpers, but they are fictional as individual figures, which is also reflected in the choice of the fictitious saints “St. Indefinitely” as the project title.

so keep your eyes open on the street to see their beautiful work!

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