Finally I write also about Alexandra Kiesel– who graduated at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee just half a year ago- and won at the beginning of july the ” designer for tomorrow” award from a big german retailer and the juror Marc Jacobs. Congratulation!

For her winning collection ” Baukasten Individualisten 12/6/24″ she was looking at the silhouettes of the past decades and was analysing the lines and cuts of the female garments. then she build up a concept with certain measurements and did patterns with them. after this process Alexandra added the basic colors in a random way – a proper random way- to create cloths which can be either beautiful or “less beautiful in the common sense”. She wanted to see where she can get with the concept –  well now we know you can get really far and famous with it.

What else shall I say with my couleur addiction: I like the color blocking fashion as well! and I also like her fashion pictures, cos they are not the typical ” beauty” shooting, they are more sculpture inspired – cos she herself  is very inspired by sculptures.

so we’ll see more in January. and as I already know the concept, I can just say the idea is great and  I am going to be at the show screaming at your models how great it looks!!!

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