Gunta Stölzl (5 March 1897 – 22 April 1983) was a German textile artist who played a fundamental role in the development of the Bauhaus school’s weaving workshop. As the Bauhaus’s only female master she created enormous change within the weaving department as it transitioned from individual pictorial works to modern industrial designs. She was inspired by Johannes Itten, who also taught at Bauhaus, and Itten’s works exploring the use and composition of color.

“Weaving is an old craft which has evolved principles upon which even the mechanical loom must still build today. A high degree of handcrafts, dexterity, skill and understanding must be acquired, and these are not, as in the case of tapestry, to be nourished by imaginative power or artistic feeling. The coming of grips with the flat loom, as its natural result, the limitation of materials, the restriction of colour, the tying of the form to the weaving process.”

Most of her fabric samples I would immediately use for my own collections or for use in interior. wow

Her jacquard weavings are still so modern and the use of her couleurs is wonderful.

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  1. beautiful, serene and strong!


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