…  I became an illustrator.” This sentence was said by Bendix Bauer, while we sat together and had a good chat on a sunny and warm!!! day in July. Bendix Bauer, a passionate and patient illustrator from Berlin, who I met one day in the beginning of July while I had to find new shoes. We had the same shoe taste but what I remembered more was his name, which he pronounced loudly at the counter and had to spell it again. Well BENDIX, is not a usual – everyday heard – but really nice name and he is also a real nice guy.


But let me tell you what I could find out by having an interview with him on a small terrasse in the center of Berlin hipster-area Mitte.

1. he talks fast, me too! good for us, so we could share lots of information in a short time.

2. we have the same shoe taste, but unfortunately there was one last pair of shoes left, which is now covering my feet… sorry Bendix

3. Apart from lots of same favorites in art, design, illustration, we both like Adolf Menzel! And this is less often.

About the person: Mister Bauer is coming from the north of germany, forgot the name, somewhere were nothing exciting seemed to happened while he was growing up so that he used to draw and be creative in all the free time and I suppose it was there, where he learned the patience he uses for the couleurful pencil drawings, which are my absolute  favorite work from BB.

For the studies he went to Hamburg and then afterwards moved to berlin, where he is still based.

Words that must form a sentence, when you want to explain his art are : passionate, patience, pencil, hours of work, good technique, beauty, figurative, soul, scarfs, couleurs, .. so YOU can form now a sentence on your own.

He is inspired by the renaissance and a lot about the sculptors, where he feels the soul of the people transformed into the art pieces. ” It is all about the soul” is a sentence he used to say several times when he talked about his drawings and that he is a voyeur of everyday life and people and therefore is on the search for beauty.


Well in his way, he finds the beauty  and gets lots of feelings in his illustration. Especially seen in the images where he draws with lots of bright couleurs, but the images still have a quiet, elegant form because he uses also a lot the empty space.


On his website he is showing all that he is doing, even sometimes there are the less ” important & creative” work pieces, but Mister Bauer explained me that he wants to show unlike lots of other illustrators –  his entire work done. Not just the pretty-arty-farty work! good statement!

Some of his clients are : Adidas, Hugo Boss, Tush, GQ Germany, VW, Saatchi & Saatchi
Scholz & Friends, Coca Cola, BMW, etc.

and Bendix has done some nice collaboration with hüftgold, a Berlin based scarf and accessory brand, where he created some scarfs. and now he is starting his own scarf collection… I am excited to see it and wear it for autumn/winter. So keep me updated!

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  1. Love the photos. Great blog. The one with the twins is especially great, how they look out into the window.


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