I do not know lots of stuff in the wide field of dance but it is steady growing. But a friend send me this and it is mainly cos of the couleurs, which I normally always attracted to. But this first impression is not anymore a reason why I blog about something. There are also many things in our surrounding, who are couleurful but in a bad way.

But lets focus now on the good interesting examples of couleurs and the use of bodies in space from Cie. Willi Dorner. This name is the name of a dance company founded by Willi Dorner in 1999 in Vienna/Austria.

Besides his international touring dance performances Willi Dorner is keen on creating events that give the audience the opportunity for new experiences, insights and a different perception of every day’s life. Furniture pieces, like a chair or table, are used much differently than in real life. Dorner wants us to see “if we can give it a different meaning.”

His interdisciplinary works are developed in cooperation with artists and scientists of different fields. His work was co-produced by lots of festivals and venues.


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