well, I never thought that I will write once something about finances and banks but well: never say never!

Today’s article is about a bank in Japan, but I want to show the nice couleurful architecture. The Sugamo Shinkin Bank was build by the french architect Emmauelle Moureaux , who is practicing in Japan. I really like a lot her concept Shikiri … diving space with couleur. more to read below in the box, where she uses couleurs plates to separate rooms.

Her whole entire portfolio is filled with couleurful architecture and interior work, but I am concentrating on the work of the Sugamo Shinking Bank. Stacked slabs in twelve saturated colors dominate the exterior facade and contrast the stark white panels that enclose the building. looking to create a refreshing atmosphere with a palpable sense of nature, the couleurs gently transition until they disappear into the sky. softly reflected onto the white surfaces, the hues create a warm and diffused exterior which provide a sense of ease and solitude. at night, the layers are faintly illuminated, varying in accordance to weather and the season. ( via designboom)

12 layers of color

A rainbow-like stack of colored layers,
peeking out from the façade
to welcome visitors.

Reflected onto the white surface,
these colors leave a faint trace over it,
creating a warm, gentle feeling.

At night, the colored layers are faintly illuminated.
The illumination varies according to the season and time of day,
conjuring up myriad landscapes. ( via thecontemporist)

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