I bought some really nice glasses a months ago and now it is time to share where I found this wonderful pair of glasses.

Yves, Christian and Uno are the nice triple behind the Berlin-based  BRILLENSCHNEIDEREI YVES and their brand name is an exact explanation about their work. (Brillenschneiderei translated means eyewear tailoring) They sell highly exclusive glasses from designers around the globe BUT what I find even more fascinating is their ability to build you your own beautiful pair of glasses.

What sounds like a build-your-own or customize-your-own project is in this way pure craftmanship and quite a lot of decisions to make. But after you hear how they produce, you don’t want anymore the mainstreet low-quality glasses and be a happy jumping-around eyeclass wearer.

Their exclusive eyewear is made out of cellulose acetate which is obtained from cotton and is improved with synthetic material. This material is then stored five months to ripe as wood and have the right composition. From plates the glasses are then milled, sawed. filed, polished or matted in your own couleurs and even your own forms ( Commercial mass eyewear are made ​​of cheap plastic injected in forms, such as if one would press dough into a cake pan and then put a label on the sides and sell them with a huge margin to the customer.) THEY work as jewelry designers and tailors only for eyes!

Since their opening in August 2010 their trend to make and sell more individual and own-made glasses hits the taste of the time, where people get bored by the mass products and the label delusion. Nearlly all of their models do not have a visible label, something I like a lot. But under their “invisible” labels are some really inspiring concepts: there is a producer from the Thüringer Wald ( a german region in the east-middle of Germany) where they form wooden glasses made out of maple-, walnut-, smoked oak-, cherrywood layers. have a look on the images below how the layers are laid around the form and not as normally assumed that you have layers of wood and the form is then milled out of it.

Or a parisian young designer brand Waiting for the sun, where they use light-weight bamboo for their sunglasses. Oliver Peoples and Oscar Magnuson are also some of my favorites in their store.

So now I wrote enough, if not,I will not stop worshiping glasses. They really showed me today with passion in their eyes the beauty of making eyewear. So if you want or need some glasses I can recommend you BRILLENSCHNEIDEREI YVES.


Entry Mulackstr.1

10119 Berlin-Mitte

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