Today I was looking through random magazines in an art & design bookstore and suddenly had a graphic magazine in my hand, where first of all I liked a lot the front graphic. Couleurful, triangular-shaped patterns! But the moment I flipped the first page of the november issue from “Novum-world of graphic design” , I was astonished that the paper where cut and you could move and play with the front page. It was like having an interesting object in your hand and not anymore a plain high-clossy paper. great idea, well done!

Well after my research I know even more. The Idea is coming from the Hamburg based creative studio Paperlux.  It is a  joint project of Paperlux (conception, creation), the printarena (printingand punching), Jürgen Jeurink (punch from) and the EMAG GmbH paper finishing (lamination). But more about the printing process you see below in the well-done short video.

Provided in 48 000 print passes and with 140 punch cuts per issue, six different colored covers created without re-exposure plate. The result? A cover that can be shaped into geometric three-dimensional figures, and thus invites to play.

PS: Paperlux is a great design agency! great ideas!

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