Singaporean design studio hans tan studio has developed ‘spotted nyonya‘, an industrial re-interpretation of the nyonya porcelain vessels which are traditional domestic wares native to chinese-peranakans in south asia. Produced in collaboration with Singaporean creative agency FARM, this contemporary take on the traditional objects transforms the original multicolored surface treatment into a new dotted pattern. the limited edition series of vessels utilizes the resist-dyeing technique that is often applied to dye fabric patterns. hans tan masks the porcelain pieces  with the new dotted motif, which is then sandblasted, so that the areas protected are preserved, while the original glazed sections of the exposed areas are erased, revealing the white porcelain which lies beneath. ( via designboom)

Cool new invention and innovation. So if you get bored of old ceramics , you can recreated them now by sandblasting.

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  1. Nice !!!


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