Today is my second birthday with this blog and I just want to share things and information that happened in this year:

1. I still like to search and explore things and write about them, even it got less frequently.

2. I am proud to have not lost interest, and I will not because I learn everyday new stuff and understand much more relationships between styles, trends and influences.

3. Two weeks ago I was selected for a day to the best blogs from about 400,000 blogs, which brought me lots of visitors.

4. A couple of days ago I reached an amazing goal: 100,000 visitors. Also something which I thought is quiet impossible at the beginning

5. At the moment I have between 8-10.000 views a months.

6. A great Berlin-based graphic designer put me on his site… amazing!

7. I met many interesting people and got to see lots of design stuff over the year

and now I just going to continue it and do it next to my last year’s study.

Thanks for looking at the site, following it, liking articles, sharing and learning from it.

I will keep it up, till…. the end!

Felix aka Couleurblind

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  1. Great !

    GO ON LIKE THIS ! ! !

    We wish You all the best :*

    Baru and Ozan !!!


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