Peter Aurisch is a german tattoo artist and I love his stuff! His tattoos are pure illustration art and even I am not planning in having a tattoo, I can understand why someone wants to have his art on their skin. The lines, the way he uses couleurs, the roughness, detail amorousness….BEAUTIFUL. and the couleurs seems to be really put into the skin with a brush like watercouleur on paper.

There are several tattoo artist, who do beautiful stuff. Peter Aurisch is the first of some other tattoo artist I will write here about. It is a new territory for me, so that I have to learn their slang, their words and why they often use just black if you can play with couleur as well!

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  1. Amazing tattoos , and very well done . Quite unique .
    However I hate Tatts , and sick of seeing young bodies ruined .

    • Me too. They’re great drawings and very interesting, but bettwe across a wall. I spend a lot of time swimming around people with very modern / stylish tattoos. They never work for me. the body is sacred, why mark it all over ?


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