Now it is time to start again.

And I did so with my running schedule and now i found the perfect post to combine the revival of my blog and the revival of my “free” time after my graduation.

This article is about Nike’s Flyknit technology -never thought I write about such big brands- but their research and investigation in this specific technology of knitting is just stunning and you never know, where this small thing will lead towards. I think it is a stunning revolution and with the power of a big brand, it can either bring the world further or just make the brand even richer.

Look first at the video – which is aesthetically  nicely made with the line and thread which is moving through the whole animation, and then listen to the interview with the designer who developed it. They show us the first example of the knitting of one piece of trainer uppers using flat and circular knitting technologies. The shoe weights only 160 grams and has multiple yarns of varying properties!

Hope you enjoy it. I will be back and write now more regularly.


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