Andrew Thomas Huang "SOLIPSIST_2Andrew Thomas Huang "SOLIPSIST_11Andrew Thomas Huang "SOLIPSIST_4

Andrew Thomas Huang brought his experimental film “SOLIPSIST” to the main artistic video platform fresh from a win at Slamdance 2012 and now he is in the 2012 hand-picked vimeo list. Well it was viewed already more than a million time on vimeo, but as you can see on my archive, this year was not my busiest-blogging year. But one day I change it back. ūüôā

I find the video stunning, because the crew works with practical effects and uses lots of random materials to create surreal water animals and the humans are transformed into some kind of mixture between human, nature and couleurful plastic monster but in a aesthetically beautiful way underlined by a nice soundtrack.

Solipsism¬† is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. more on Wikipedia – also really interesting idea.

Have also a view on the making off, to see how the effects are made”

And now he just made the video “MUTUAL CORE” for¬† BJORK

His own mind is a hell of a crazy one! Chapeau!

BjoŐąrk-Mutual Core_001

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