After the christmas days in Austria and reading lots of newspapers lying around the house, I catched up on an architectural building which I first liked a lot, second it is in an area, where I have been spending lots of time with A.

delugan2Delugan Meissl Architekten_Tyrol-Erl_7 Delugan Meissl Architekten_Tyrol-Erl_4 Delugan Meissl Architekten_Tyrol-Erl_6

The new The Festival Hall of The Tiroler Festspiele in Erl  is in Tyrol, Austria just at the border to germany in a small village built by  Delugan Meissl Architekten, has an hard-edged silhouette contrasting the surrounding and creating a nice visual energy.

The new structure is built adjacent to the existing festival hall, a curved white building. “The festival hall’s geometry develops from the surrounding topography and places the building and the already existing festival hall in juxtaposition,” the architects explained.

The concept of the new build was derived from the idea that spaces of different zoning and configurations implement the focus on communication and peace, dynamics and concentration. The origami-like building is meant to complement the nearby organically shaped structure with a new sense of expression.

Delugan Meissl Architekten_Tyrol-Erl_5 Delugan Meissl Architekten_Tyrol-Erl_9 Delugan Meissl Architekten_Tyrol-Erl_8

The sharp angles of the architecture continue onto it’s surface with a geometric pattern engraved into the building, which consumes the entire exterior. Architectural conditions in the building’s interior are devolved into a subtle control of the motion sequences through their sensual perception.

Elk Delugan Meissl, Roman Delugan, and Sebastian Brunke of the Vienna-based firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, are exactly the kind of folks , who continue to push boundaries and explore unpaved routes . The team at Delugan Meiss have unveiled their latest project,

Delugan Meissl Architekten_Tyrol-Erl_3 Delugan Meissl Architekten_Tyrol-Erl_2

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