Its cold and white outside but the couleurs are coming back, because it is fashion week in Berlin and I am going to present you a handful of young german designers the next days. And I first start with the third KIESEL collection.


Alexandra Kiesel found her Berlin-based label KIESEL  after winning a big fashion design prize in 2011. On  Tuesday evening I got a look at her new collection ” Vom Bauen der Mode” ( engl. From the Construction of Fashion) at one of the best Berlin-made fashion stores KONK .


She invented a pattern system after a long research on historical silhouettes and is playing now with different shapes and body lines in each of her womenswear collection. Her transformations with the silhouettes and her well-chosen couleur range as well as the fabric are inspired by the Russian Konstructivism . She  presented her collection already in Saint Petersburg in December in collaboration with the Goethe institute in December but now you can have a look until friday in at the Konk store in Mitte. I like her feminine proportions and the artistic choice of fabrics and graphical prints.


the owner of Konk, Edda Mann ( left)  and the designer Alexandra Kiesel in conversation.


KIESEL Showroom
KONK Store
Kleine Hamburger Str. 15
till friday, 18. january 2013 , daily 12-19h

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