Today I present you a new label called YARDEN and is also based in Berlin, I visited their showroom at the SEEK presentation. Designers Celina Böning and Daniel Ramirez Perez founded their menswear label in 2012, which is focused on classic menswear with beautiful silk screen patterns such as thousands of ants running around a shirt. Not only their collection has nice shapes and couleurs also their lookbook with these incredible beautiful images shows their creative skills.

They produce their shirts in a sustainable and ecological way in India and travel several times to Kalkata , India, in order to maintain good relationships with their manufacturing companies. Because their high-quality cotton is dyed, silk printed and produced there. Everything they created stands under the aspect of strictly fair-trade, organic quality garments.

Their small collection plays with memories of their creators, both of them mix inspirations from their daily life as designers, illustrators and art directors.

When designing, they picture someone authentic and light-hearted wearing their clothes. Their main ambition is to produce garments and accessories of the highest quality while not exploiting the earth or others. They believe the designer should maintain complete and continuous control of all steps, from the first scratch to the final product, with a strong focus on manufacturing.


You can visite them and even make small orders. But make sure you remember the name, because I really hope they will grow, because the shirts have so many nice details such as several hand embroidered parts, which I loved as well as the ant print!

2013-01-16 13.48.392013-01-16 13.48.11-12013-01-16 13.47.50

2013-01-16 13.48.26

Go and see them.

SEEK Showroom
Luckenwalder Str.3
10963 Berlin

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