Somehow not totally new, but I never seen it before and that makes it new to me. When I see innovations like this I am so excited about what the future will look like. Already the world is so interesting!

HypoSurface by dECOi Architects & MIT_2 HypoSurface by dECOi Architects & MIT_3 HypoSurface by dECOi Architects & MIT_4 HypoSurface by dECOi Architects & MIT_1

The film presents the Summer 2011 Tomorrow Awards Winner – HypoSurface by dECOi Architects & MIT. HypoSurface is a physically dynamic display medium – literally speaking, a moving screen. It is a powerful new medium that seems to elicit a strange behavior and excitement of people of all ages. It is physically interactive to sound and movement, and combines a generative sound and movement logic with projection of light and image. You are able to see how it works and also have a look behind the scenes and hear the opinions.

An elastic architectural surface as a display made up of small metal plates that are controlled pneumatically and react in real time to electronic input. This makes it possible for the display to reproduce highly expressive, precisely detailed, seemingly organic, fluid movements.

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