Aryz-10 Aryz-8 Aryz-16

Morbid charm with a beautiful couleur palette onto huge walls and buildings, that is the art of the young Spanish muralist and fine artist, Aryz. His work flashes me and I think he transforms grey urban walls in the best way possible into art spaces. With his paintings, mainly influenced by the interest of what lays behind the surface of a creature with a comic book characteristics and detailed texture rarely seen on six stories of concrete, he creates astonishing art and is more and more recognized and gets collective attention of what he will do next with his “contemporary muralism”. Hope we get also some murals in Berlin from him.

Aryz-17 Aryz-15 Aryz-14 Aryz-13 Aryz-9 Aryz-7 Aryz-6 Aryz-5 Aryz-4 Aryz-3 Aryz-2 Aryz-1

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Architektur, Graphic, Illustration, Streetart


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