Matthew Plummer-Fernandez_8 Matthew Plummer-Fernandez_5 Matthew Plummer-Fernandez_4 Matthew Plummer-Fernandez_3Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is an artist exploring emerging technology and culture. He uses scanning, digital fabrication and computational approaches to making artefacts, both physical and digital, that blur the distinction between the two, referencing the digitization of the everyday.

Everyday items such as toys and a watering can are 3D scanned using a digital camera and subjected to algorithms that distort, abstract and taint them into new primordial vessel forms. In some cases only close inspection reveals traces inherited from their physical predecessors. These are then 3D printed on a z-corp printer.

Vessels are arguably the lowest common denominator for man-made objects across all cultures, these objects however have no storage function other than to embody the stored digital data that describes them, but he also worked with an ongoing exploration of derivatives of a 3D scan of Mickey Mouse. The choice of character also raises issues of potential clashes with big copyright holders that could potentially choose to lobby for legislation against 3D scanning.

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez_7  Matthew Plummer-Fernandez_9 Matthew Plummer-Fernandez_10 Matthew Plummer-Fernandez_6

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