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Daniel Ramirez Perez is a young Berlin all around designer talent. One side he works as an art director for M&C Saatchi, which would be sufficient for several people, but not him, because the moment he gets of work his passions start and he spends his evenings and nights working with Celina Böning on the menswear label Yarden, which I presented to you in january. But that is not enough.

Mister Ramirez Perez also does beautiful hand drawn illustrations for several well established clients such as Deutsche Bahn, Gruner&Jahr, Fräulein Magazin and Volksbühne Berlin, to name a few. I really like his “digital-looking” illustrations which are only slightly modified with the tools on the computer and are mainly purely a hand job.

I am looking forward to see, hear, wear more from Daniel Ramirez Perez and I am sure his career will kick off immensely in the near following years. Daniel Ramirez Perez_3

Daniel Ramirez Perez_4

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