DianeMeyer_Embroidery_2 DianeMeyer_Embroidery_4 DianeMeyer_Embroidery_5 DianeMeyer_Embroidery_8 DianeMeyer_Embroidery_9 DianeMeyer_Embroidery_10 DianeMeyer_Embroidery_12 The artist Diane Meyer brings photography and embroidery together. Meyer is offering the photography lovers a new experience since she’s cross-stitching over the flawed spots of -mostly- historical interest’s places’ captures; as happens in her project “Time spent that otherwise be forgotten”.  The newly transformed image bears a handmade pixellated effect, stitched together with creative intentions while Meyer shows us that photography is not only about two or three dimensions anymore, but about texture as well and because I also love embroidery and especially the use in different field, i find her images really nice.

DianeMeyer_Embroidery_3 DianeMeyer_Embroidery_11 DianeMeyer_Embroidery_6  DianeMeyer_Embroidery_7


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  1. This is brilliant!


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