Visited last week the exhibition “Couleurs désert” at the Zurich  Museum Bellerive and loved all the textiles, the story of the weavers and the couleurful carpets they had in their rooms. Out of materials that have served their purpose they create a new kind of applied art: in the Moroccan Sahara the women of a Berber tribe use […]

Omar Victor Diop was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1980. Since his early days, Omar Victor Diop developed an interest for Photography and Design, essentially as a means to capture the diversity of modern african societies and lifestyles.​ ​ His work is interrogative and intriguing, prospective, yet a tad vintage and draws inspiration from Diop’s […]

Katrina Zibatova has a creative universe with fantastical inspirations. The card game she created illustrates perfectly her inspiration. Here, the artist presents an inspiring series of illustrations depicting colorful minerals.

  These specific colour fields referr to rugs made by Florian Pucher, an Bejing-based Australian architect. With his series LANDCARPET,a series of rugs modeled after birds-eye-view aerial photographs of land, he shows his fascination by landscapes and the beauty of the different colours of our world from seen above. Pucher takes aerial images and then […]

Using one of the world’s largest collection of vintage paint-by-number paintings as inspiration, Trey Speegle explores themes of hope, love, longing and transformation by recontextuliazing vintage paint-by-numbers with word play that has a broad pop appeal. He works in New York’s Meatpack District and is producing there his acryl paintings on canvas or huge murals. […]

  Lubna Chowdhary creates tile-based artworks for interior and exterior spaces. She is based in London and workes internationally, designs, manufactures and provides consultancy on site-specific architectural schemes for public and private spaces, residential and commercial developments, museums, restaurants, hotels, and schools.  Many works are done in collaboration with architects, designers and art consultants, project proposals are developed to […]

Tracy Widdess does these amazing knitted art monster faces. I do not think they are really made for wearing, but it doesn’t matter, because as knitted sculptures they are pretty amazing!