¬† The design duo Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram from Kram/Weisshaar, create with their project Robochop an interactive robot installation. By inviting users near and far to play with the Robochop app to design, create and sculpt their own objects out of polystyrene foam. Starting March 5 the custom ROBOCHOP app will allow online users […]

Strasbourg-based photographer Julien Douvier utlilizes a variety of techniques to create these beautifully meditative cinemagraphs of urban life and nature. He films and edits every image with an obsessive attention to detail. the animated images of gentle water ripples and rolling waves have a tranquil, mesmerizing quality that will make you wish you were at […]

great video by israeli filmmaker Shimi Cohen on the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely

Mike Pelletier, an interactive artist from Canada, experimented with the Microsoft Kinetic since they released the hardware a few years ago. With the 3D scanning function he created these digital portraits, by moving around the subject with the camera. Nice idea, simple visual but great result.  

Lotus Dome by Studio Roosegaarde is a living dome made out of hundreds of ultra-light aluminium flowers that fold open in response to human behavior, see the video below. When approached, the big silver dome lights up and opens its flowers. Its behavior moves from soft breathing to a more dynamic mood when more people […]

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez¬†is an artist exploring emerging technology and culture. He uses scanning, digital fabrication and computational approaches to making artefacts, both physical and digital, that blur the distinction between the two, referencing the digitization of the everyday. Everyday items such as toys and a watering can are 3D scanned using a digital camera and subjected […]