Ukrainian Women Bring Back Traditional Floral Crowns To Show National Pride A Slavic workshop of stylists and photographers called Treti Pivni (translates as Third Rooster) have decided to bring back one of the more amazing Ukranian traditions by giving it a new meaning. They’ve produced a portrait series of modern Ukranian women dressed in traditional Ukranian […]

The guy on these hilarious fun images wearing these extraorinary hat pieces is Melbourne-based artist Phil Ferguson. He learned to knit and crochet by watching YouTube tutorials and see there he owns now an own sector in this handcrafted field: Food Hats, which will definitly keep us warm in winter, if any of us want […]

Mailka Favre is a french illustrator based in London. I really like her minimalistic great style, where she tries successfully to pare things down as much as possible so that she gets the essence of the fashion subjects, the beauty of people and make-up, the surrounding and other subjects by only using a few lines […]

Tracy Widdess does these amazing knitted art monster faces. I do not think they are really made for wearing, but it doesn’t matter, because as knitted sculptures they are pretty amazing!

Melissa Zexter combines hand-stitched embroidery with photography. Using photographs she has taken herself, she sews onto them, irreversibly altering the image by adding a new layer. She uses an ancient form of art, embroidery, refracted through a modern one, photography, to create structured objects that are embodiments of both fragmentation and focused concentration. The sewn […]

Today’s post is about someone big when it comes to package fashion products. Marc Atlan is a french-born american creative director based in Los Angeles and the founder of “MARC ATLAN DESIGN, INC.” where he conceptualizes everything you need for creating a good corporate design such as perfume bottles and packaging, ad campaigns and catalogues, […]

Today I present you a new label called YARDEN and is also based in Berlin, I visited their showroom at the SEEK presentation. Designers Celina Böning and Daniel Ramirez Perez founded their menswear label in 2012, which is focused on classic menswear with beautiful silk screen patterns such as thousands of ants running around a […]