Strasbourg-based photographer Julien Douvier utlilizes a variety of techniques to create these beautifully meditative cinemagraphs of urban life and nature. He films and edits every image with an obsessive attention to detail. the animated images of gentle water ripples and rolling waves have a tranquil, mesmerizing quality that will make you wish you were at […]

Vienna-based photography studio staudinger-franke have set their latest series underwater, revealing the ‘barrier’ between a human model and the transparent sheets under which they are submerged. The portfolio of photographs comprises portraits of women and men, separated from the viewer by a barrier of water. filled with colorful fish and aquatic botanicals, the pool both […]

Katrina Zibatova has a creative universe with fantastical inspirations. The card game she created illustrates perfectly her inspiration. Here, the artist presents an inspiring series of illustrations depicting colorful minerals.

What a Movie’s Scenes Look Like Straight Out of the Camera Versus In Theaters This video is a great sample of the before-and-after post-processing effects in making movies. Movies often have the magical light and saturated colors and well it is not filmed like it but the filmed versions are color graded. In the video […]

Anna Gusella is a Visual Communication Designer, who just finished her studies at art school berlin Berlin-Weissensee. I came across her work in the new Novum Magazin and I love the free way on looking into space and the ask herself questions that each of us are exploring.  A VENTURE i am standing in my […]

  These specific colour fields referr to rugs made by Florian Pucher, an Bejing-based Australian architect. With his series LANDCARPET,a series of rugs modeled after birds-eye-view aerial photographs of land, he shows his fascination by landscapes and the beauty of the different colours of our world from seen above. Pucher takes aerial images and then […]

“What Do You Hyde Series” is an astonishing portraits series made ​​by the Argentine photographer Romina Ressia. For this project, she staged mysterious women whose face and torso are hidden by patterned fabrics. What is even more interesting is the correlation between textile and patterns painted in the background papers.